Shows your current level of exposure

Watch your level of exposure drop and rise in real time as you move about locations, or as RF-radiating devices come online. Use Radsense to identify where to sit in a coffee shop, what room to choose for your bedroom, or which devices or appliances to stay the furthest away from. Recommended safer levels are clearly marked for easy comparison. Percentage level and actual exposure readout are both displayed.

Tracks cumulative dose over time, for medical support

The intensities and radio frequencies of the exposure you receive throughout the day are logged into the instrument's internal memory. When you put your Radsense on its dock station to charge at night, this data is uploaded to our servers. We aggregate this information to compile anonymous exposure maps, and work with universities to conduct medical research. Our goal is to help identify what the true safe levels of RF radiation are, and incorporate new complex metrics that the present standards lack. Ultimately, our mission is to prevent the RF-induced leukemias, cancers, and other biological anomalies of tomorrow.

High-exposure Alarm

Your Radsense displays clearly how much exposure you are receiving and how that compares to current industry standards. When the levels around you become too high, it notifies you via tactile feedback, which feels somewhat like a gentle tap on your wrist. An audible alarm can optionally also be enabled. As we receive more exposure data from our customers and feed those anonymously to our partnering research centers, new, safer levels of exposure will be identified over time. Your Radsense talks to our medical research partners when you recharge it at night, and it will keep reprogramming itself to those safer levels automatically as they become available.

Timekeeping Features

Your Radsense is also a feature-rich watch. It keeps track of Time & Date, Calendar, Alarms & Reminders, Stopwatch, Timer, Travel Time and more.


Underneath this elusively simple watch-like form lies a powerful precision instrument, made possible through patented innovations in hardware and antenna designs. Its wide-range sensing capability is able to detect and monitor most sources of wireless radiation (RF), including cellphone networks & devices, WiFi nodes, ZigBee-enabled home appliances, electricity smart meters, leaky microwave ovens, and more.

The instrument incorporates a rechargeable battery that lasts at least 24h, and comes with a charging station for overnight charging. The station is equipped with a common Ethernet port for uploading exposure data to our medical research center, and for receiving automatic functionality upgrades. If you forget to recharge there is nothing to worry about, all data and settings including timekeeping, are preserved unit the next recharge.

Most importantly, your Radsense is carefully designed to transmit zero wireless radiation. It does not contain any RF transmitters.

* All features described above are planned for Radsense V2, scheduled for release Q4 2015