Your smart thermometer to wireless radiation
Your smart thermometer to wireless radiation

• Shows your current level of exposure
• Tracks cumulative dose over time, for medical support
• Helps you find the least harmful locations around you
• Discreetly taps your wrist when in high-exposure areas
• It's a feature-rich watch

Wireless radiation (RF) is no longer invisible, you can make informed choices and take action to protect yourself. We are the first generation of human beings to ever subject ourselves to such high levels of daily RF exposure, yet the industry refuses to incorporate relevant studies in their 'safety standards'. By purchasing and using our product not only you can lower your daily level of RF exposure, but you are also contributing to potentially life-saving medical research. You enable independent universities to use the exposure data collected for long-term scientific studies, to help prevent RF-induced leukemia, cancers, and other types of biological anomalies.

Managing your RF exposure levels can now integrate seamlessly into daily life. This is a high-tech instrument incorporating advanced electronics and patented receiver antenna technologies, conveniently packaged into a 'watch' format for non intrusive daily use.